Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Eating My Way Around The World

Not since
Cara membuat air rebusan ayam atau daging have I randomly stumbled across such a delicious looking blog.

The author appears to have just begun eating their way through the world, starting with Asia. For example:

How to get ramen in Shinjuku. First, select the type of noodle you want, including what kind of meat, vegetable, broth...etc. Toss in your money and press the desired button, like a vending machine. Get a ticket from the machine, and go in the side door of the restaurant. The people behind the noodle counter will tell you where to sit. You show the guy your ticket and 2 seconds later, presto! your ramen.

Yum. It probably doesn't help that I have Harajuku Girl on my Shuffle at work right now.


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