Friday, March 17, 2006

Sample Sale at Neighborhoodies, or The Opposite of Amazon

Neighborhoodies is now offering totally unique one-off 'samples' of their customized hoodies and other products. This has got to be the perfect use of the web. As Neighborhoodies descibes it:

"Let's not sugarcoat it. You get the perfect Neighborhoodie. But maybe, just maybe, it took a few tries before we mailed it out to you that way.

"Okay - we have *thousands* of misspelled / wrong colored / wrong sized Neighborhoodies that didn't pass muster with our Quality Control Brigade. Remember we told you that we hand-make every order with love? Well, sometimes those hands make teensy weensy boo-boo.

"So what happens to the lil orphans of imperfection? Neighborhoodies is proud (sort of) to begin a new daily 50% rate on one of a kind, hand-stitched flubs.

"Each day one new item: available only till it sells! "

Talk about the very, very tip of the long tail.

update April 3rd: The hoodie shown above is the one I just got in the mail today. sweet.

Reminds me also of woot, which offers only one product every day.


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