Thursday, December 22, 2005

More on ideas to reality

With his gracious permission, here is the full quote from Chris Flink on the nature of ideas and realization, that I excerpted previously. Thanks Chris!

I love this quote [from George Nelson: "Unless ideas are massaged into reality, they evaporate"]. To me, it nicely highlights the inherent fragility of even the best conceptual notions and affirms the associated importance of our build/realization capabilities. It is our technical depth and the impassioned commitment of our multidisciplinary teams that enable us to follow-through and convert otherwise fleeting genius into real value.

This is not to say that “ideas are cheap”, but rather that without the complimentary ability and conviction to carry them forward directly, they are ephemeral.

We understand that “Think to Build” is not a progression, but a range of mutually supporting activities often carried out by the same talented people. Wild creativity must be fully integrated with the rigor and resolve necessary to prevent any potential value it may uncover from melting away.

To me, the Nelson quote articulates much of what makes IDEO’s offering special. We’re fortunate to have many rare individuals that possess both the imagination and the stick-with-it-ness to take our clients’ businesses to exciting new places.

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