Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Design lust at Target's pharmacy

Target has done it again.

As reported on Boing Boing: "
Target proves once again that it is a true "design within reach" store by introducing a well-designed, pleasing-to-behold pill bottle."

Better yet, Target was saavy enough to bypass every intermediary between the designer and the retailer. From the original article at
Newyorkmetro.com (a nice design case study):

"For her SVA thesis project [Deborah] Adler revamped the familiar canister, then approached the FDA—but one of Target’s creative directors saw her work last summer, snapped up the patent, and rolled it out in record time. It’s already approaching design-classic status: ClearRx will be included in a MoMA exhibit this October."

and in my medicine cabinet by May.


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