Friday, September 30, 2005

Nussbaum On Design

Via metacool, a new blog on design from Bruce Nussbaum. Some tidbits:

Nussbaum on Operationalizing Innovation:

"So many CEOs and top execs appear to be only talking the talk but not walking the talk. They do the blah blah about innovation but don't provide the juice--or leadership--to make it happen. This is fascinating, important and revealing. It explains a lot. Check out this interesting piece on innovation process that involves IDEO in CMO magazine on innovation. It starts with "Innovation may look casual. But behind every creative leap, there's a real process at work." Build it and new products will come."

Nussbaum on The Fuseproject Deal:

"This is a really big deal with important consequences for companies. Both firms are considered break-out creative shops in their respective fields. We are seeing the convergence of product design, branding, advertising and communication. Will there be more to come?"

Cool, I'm adding this to my must-read list....
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