Wednesday, August 10, 2005

autobiography, not mine.

It's nice finding a bite-sized piece of good writing. Just enough to center you for the afternoon. Here's a slice of autobiography from Chicken Fried Life. I wish I had the skills to take a snapshot of my life like this...


Probably the best time in summer is when the tomatoes begin to ripen. Huge beautiful tomatoes, lined up, ready for the next meal. We have enough coming in now that we can have them three times a day, if we choose to. My favorite way to eat them is in tomato sandwiches.

I'm sitting here at the computer, still dark outside, the workweek begins soon. There's still a lot of uncertainty surrounding my job. While I'm there I try not to think about it. I try to only focus on the task I'm doing, and block out everything else. Then we hit some downtime, and my anxieties about the future start to build again. I hope things pick up this week. I need the overtime just to break even. We've run through all our savings, this is the bottom of the barrel and there's nothing left to scrape.

My son was online last night, checking apartment prices in the suburbs just north of Los Angeles. If we can get everything arranged properly, we can move out there in a few of years. A few as in 4 or 5. We want to be sensible about this and have some money saved beforehand. Not do it the way I did when I was 17, hide some money in my boots and light out with no plans. We're also looking at separate small apartments. I can't see buying a house out there unless I win the lottery. (I try, but unsuccessfully). And as much as I enjoy his companionship at home now, little birds leave the nest eventually.

Great stuff.


Blogger Chicken Little said...

Thanks for the plug! Always nice to hear that someone likes my writing!

8:08 PM  

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