Thursday, July 14, 2005

New friends, old friends, new connections.

I gave a short presentation about myself recently, and one of the things I showed was this map I made about this interesting web of relationships that has coalesced around my car.

After we moved to Palo Alto a couple years back, I took my car in to Ole's shop, down the street from the office. Ole recognized my new address immediately -he had grown up nearby, before my house was even built. He had also once dated the gal who lived there, the daughter of The Colonel. The Colonel was the one and only previous owner of our house, and a pretty well known personality in the neighborhood. He was a communications officer in Doolittle's bomber squadron during WWII.

The other day, after my latest trip to Ole's, I saw an older man hitchhiking outside the car shop. I've seen him there before, and while he seemed nice enough, you just never know (OK, being from L.A. I'm suspicious of everyone). I figured Ole would know about him, and sure enough he did. He's the father of our local state Senator, and a retired teacher who had at one time taught Ole's girlfriend. So, I offered him a ride home ,of course. Any friend of the girlfriend of the ex-boyfriend of the daughter of the Colonel who used to live in my house is a friend of mine.

Speaking of new friends, I am glad to report that the blogger previously known as Ms. O has found a new home on the web. There is hope for the life on the commons after all! AND, she has been gracious enough to link to me, a definite first, thank you!

Cool tech note I forgot to mention earlier: the font I used for the map and the presentation was one I made specially for the event using fontifier - the whole process took less than a half hour and ten bucks!


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