Friday, June 17, 2005

counting the ways

File under: ooey gooey parenting stuff.

Just came across a sweet list of a mom's adoration for their child. I'm guessing 2 years old? Sure applies to my 2 year old, and memories of my 5 year old.

Counting The Ways from She Sells Sanctuary [excerpt, full list here]:
The way he runs around with his purple Wiggles guitar announcing he has a “tuggar”.
The way he claps for himself when he has done something he is impressed with.
The way he runs headlong into the surf, no matter what the weather.
The way he runs everywhere instead of walking, as though afraid he’s going to miss out on something if he doesn’t.
The way he offers me bites of his food, particularly if it’s something he finds really yummy.
The way his hair looks after he’s been sleeping.
The way he insists on brushing his teeth with my toothbrush and not his.
The way he thinks my friends have come around specifically to play with him.
The way he can only ride his firetruck backwards at the moment.
The way these days, when things have gone quiet and I start to suspect he’s up to something, I find him sitting by his bookcase, quietly leafing through a book.
The way he looks at me sometimes.
The way he won’t sit in his high-chair but will sit in a regular chair at the dinner table.
The way he loves to make me chase him all around the house, especially nude.
The way he gives me a deliciously naughty grin when he does something he knows he shouldn’t.


Blogger Gianna said...

cheers, Larry. and Harley's almost 16 months. i reckon this is the best age so far. mind you, i'll probably just keep saying that for the rest of our lives....!

11:40 PM  

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