Saturday, May 28, 2005

My so called blog

You know, putting Google links on your blog is a mixed blessing. Like inviting over a modestly generous uncle who also likes to remind you of how much of a loser you are.

Sure it's great to get a little extra pocket change that I didnt have before, but man, that Google can be so judgemental. Like when I rant about design, I get public service ads! How am I going to retire off public service ads?

Oh man, now I'm blogging about my blog. The lowest form of non-automated blogging there is.

Maybe if I talk about Star Wars!

Maybe if I link to Matthew (defective yeti) Baldwin's hilarious story in the Morning News, on how Darth Vader made him cry!

Darth Vader never made ME cry. I had Star Wars sheets when I was a kid. Darth Vader was drawn kind of crudely, so he looked like he had a toaster on his head. much less meanacing that way. Due to poor quality contol, princess Leia's lips were massively off-center from the rest of her face. Even this didnt make me cry.


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