Tuesday, June 14, 2005

GM to Instill brand loyalty on unwitting victims

Sometimes, it seems, a large company will spend a lot of time and money to do something really, really pointless. Here is an example of what happens when you forget that your customer really doesn't care how cool you think your company is.

"GM to add corporate badge to its vehicles - Move reflects consumer confidence in "the brand behind the brand" "

My favorite excerpt:
" Research tells us that many of our most outstanding segment-leading vehicles are not associated by the customer to be part of the GM portfolio. Seeing that GM badge on vehicles evokes our heritage of leadership and makes an easy connection between our great lineup of vehicle brands and the company behind them."
Uh, evoking heritage? Excuse me, somebody's been drinking too much of the corporate kool-aid. This new badge evokes "Lovey, that Volvo SUV isn't as previous as I thought. It's really made by General Motors. Let's scoot over to the BMWs."

And as a reminder to all of us to drop the jargon every once in a while, here is the stirring pronouncement on how said logo badge will be hitherto emblazoned:

"The GM badge will take the form of a small silver square, embossed with the GM logo, placed on both sides of the vehicle on an appropriate location between the front and rear wheels above the rocker and below the glass belt line."
O be still my loins.


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