Friday, July 01, 2005

Those darn Amish

I just had the opportunity to read the latest MIT Technoloigy Review cover to cover while on a flight to New Jersey. Technology Review has a good article on Amish technology -not an oxymoron! -and its potential applications at the bottom of the pyramid.
" Amish shops are leading suppliers of innovative implements--for example, a horse-drawn plow with an external wheel that charges a hydraulic cylinder, which lets a farmer raise and lower the plow with little effort.... Amish inventions are of special interest in developing countries, where draft-animal farming is still common."

What an interesting application of the Long Tail.

Other good stuff in there too of course. But my brain was so overloaded that I had to offset this by reading Cargo cover to cover. And after a while, don't they seem like the same magazine?


Blogger Overshop said...

The article on Amish Technology was great! As a community, they deal with changes in technology by using modern inventions like cell phones and electric lighting in their businesses, and still live a plain life in their homes. Interesting how they manage to step from one world into another on a regular basis, yet still keep a strong stable community.

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