Saturday, July 30, 2005

adobo, considered

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This mouth watering post from erichian on the perfect adobo got my attention.
Must be because I'm staying up way past my bedtime, plus I had dinner down the street from work at Hukilau and almost got their chicken adobo.

Not only are there links to recipies (which I have to look at, once I've gotten some sleep) but Erich's special recipe for adobo, remixed:

And then there's a question of what to do with the sauce once you're all done. It's great for making fried rice, but if you want something more on the healthy side, try this out:

• Place adobo sauce in a food processor and mix.
• Open a can or two of black beans and drain / rinse them.
• Add black beans to sauce. Mix.
• Continue to add black beans until you get your preferred consistency.
• Top off with some splashes of smoked tabasco sauce and/or freshly squeezed lime juice. Mix.
• Serve right away or chill for storage.

If you've chilled yours, bring it to room temperature before serving. Enjoy with toasted pita bread, tortilla chips, or rice cakes. At the moment I'm calling this one Filipino hummus.

Thanks Erich, I'm hungry again.


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