Friday, September 09, 2005

tumbleweeds, bugaboos, etc.

Finally, got some headspace to think about cool things, and here's what's been bubbling up::

Got a link at work to the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company, a series of home designs from Jay Shafer. These are perfect distallations of houses down to 50 square feet or so. And, by bay area standards quite affordable. My favorite is of course the eichler-esque shed roof XT House.

I've been reading alot at DaddyTypes lately, the musings of a design conscious urban dad out there somewhere (and I should remember where, I ordered a tee shirt from him). I feel very jealous that this kind of high-design kid gear was harder to find when I was a new dad. but then, I would have been much poorer.

One particularly interesting trend is the phenomenal success of the Bugaboo stroller over the last half decade, in the high-end market. back when I was working on strollers, the Bugaboo was this quaint example of over-the-top European engineering. Then it became THE celebrity stroller, elevating the mundane like Dyson did for vacuum cleaners.

I've gotten my wife thinkning about thinking about Eames lounge chairs. Sneakily, I purchased a knock-off fixer-upper on craigs list. It looks close enough, but you can really feel its knockoffness when you sit in it. Comfy but not Eames Lounge comfy. In other chair news, my $15 yard-sale Wassily chair split a seam on a armest panel, so it ended up sideways-up between two couches one day during vaccuming, promptly turning into an indoor jungle gym. Kids.

Also been thinking about thinking about kitchen remodels. Not that we have the money.

Freddy&Ma's got samples of their handbag designs. How exciting!

Another ex-IDEOer's product, the picopad, was recently written up in the hip local weekly The Wave.



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