Saturday, October 01, 2005

Target Getting It

via influx:

Target's Tail Grows Longer

At a recent New York conference, Target's vide-chairman, Gerald Storch hinted at the increasingly important role the internet is playing for the company.

- Its site is now the number 3 retail site on the web- ahead of Wal-Mart

- The internet is allowing Target to build richer and deeper relationships with its customers. They are starting to experiment with direct mail that consumers print themselves.

- Target is using the power of the web's zero cost inventory to expand skus to 200,000 up from 10,000 in February last year and compared to 70,000 in a typical physical store [such as furniture from OFFI!]

Cool to see the Long Tail in action, and somehow not surprising that Target would be the retailer that gets it.
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