Friday, March 10, 2006

Rice Daddies Represent

Just came accross perhaps the most important parenting blog out there: rice daddies. It's an uber-blog collaboration of several Asian-American daddy bloggers. As contributor Metrodad describes it:

"And although I'm a 37-year old man, husband, father and friend, I can't escape the fact that I'm also Asian-American. It's not only an important part of who I am and something I'm proud of but it's also an important aspect of raising my daughter. I want her to grow up being proud of her Asian background yet assimilated with the world around her. I want her to celebrate her ethnicity but also respect the amazing diversity of the people around her. And, above all, I want her to grow up with a philosophy and culture of inclusiveness, rather than one of separatism or xenophobia.

"So, because this is one of the many things I think about as my wife and I raise our tiny, little girl, I'm proud to announce that I've joined a group of fellow Asian-American fathers in starting a new blog. It's called Rice Daddies.

"The two tag lines we've been using on the site are "the kind of guys Amy Tan doesn't write about" and "the Asian dads you wish you had." I think that might give you a general idea of what kind of attitude the blog will have."

Isn't this me, but with younger kids? Adding this immediately to my RSS feeds and lists andother online nonsense. Rock on, rice daddies.



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