Monday, March 27, 2006

A piano duet to remember

To remember:

This weekend, my son and I played our first improv piano duet. He, being six years old, and me much older. We were just messing around, and suddenly, we realized we were playing together, so we kept going. I repeated a chord high up, and he started to play single notes, and chords, varying the rythm, tempo, volume, and even telling me "Daddy, keep playing when I stop" so that sometimes his part was silent (how do you teach the value of pauses in music? I didnt even think that he would understand!). We played off each other, "daddy, get softer when I get softer," traded rythms, traded leads.

We played for a good five minutes like that. it was beautiful, George Winston sounding music. One of those beautiful parent moments that can happen all of a sudden. Just blogging about it to make sure I remember.



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