Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Eichlers, Ricedaddies, Expanding Media Empire

The thisislarry media empire appears to be expanding.

Much of the headspace I've committed to my Eichler lust has gone to building up my Eichler 'lens' at Squidoo. It's turned into a secondary resource I'm actually proud of, thanks to the Squidoo framework. There are links a-plenty to my favorite primary resources, beautiful pictures, odds and ends, and even, of course, commerce. This morning, it's the #64 lens on squidoo! Even more amazing, I've got a semi-regular readership of at least eight people! OMFG!

Similarly amazed, I have been invited to join the blogging dads at Rice Daddies. I will humbly add my snarky opinions, and show my complete lack of parenting (and writing) skills when compared to the likes of Daddy In a Strange Land, Metrodad, Instant Yang, and the other esteemed Fathers of Rice.

Well, off to the internets....



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