Thursday, August 31, 2006

Prarie Modern Dilemma

In my regular scan for all things Eichler, I came across a site called PrairieMod . Their mission?
It's our self-described mission to show that the ideas and ideals expressed over a century ago by the Prairie School and in the case of what Frank Lloyd Wright refined and matured over his 70 year career, can and should be studied, experienced and adopted for our modern world. Those notions of craftsmanship, honest construction, unity of design, beauty, function and simplicity are universal themes that are not relegated to a bygone era.
Sounds pretty good so far,
In the era of the "McMansion" and the mass consumption of cheap and poorly manufactured Chinese imports, it becomes imperative that we rethink our society's cultural course and re-examine what makes us American.
Hmmm. Cheap shot at China aside, a good question. Can one really recreate the ideals of a bygone American era, in today's global (warming) -ized world? Makes living in a mid-century modern Eichler somewhat of a moral dilemma....



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