Monday, July 24, 2006

Mini Eichler in Walnut Creek

I found a great little piece of Eichler History on the Eichler Network Chatterbox Lounge. There is a 'mini' Eichler in Walnut Creek. :

The owner is an original owner from 1955. Eichler created this mini version as a sales office/showroom. After all of the Eichlers in Rancho San Miguel were sold she bought this unit directly from Joseph Eichler and had it moved into her backyard.

Her husand was some type of therapist and used it as an office with clients.
This building was recently listed for rent on Craigslist (from where these pics were borrowed). The specs for the space, from the ad:

"Mini" 5 room Eichler home (487 sq feet) located in desirable Walnut Creek neighborhood. Ideal for one person; tight for two.

Set in large backyard garden very close to Heather Farms and John Muir Hospital
Large private patio (approx 400 sq feet)
New kitchen appliances
New carpeting
Washer and dryer
Air conditioning
Garden plot available to renter (approx 600 sq feet)
Private driveway and access
Living room: 186 sq feet
Bedroom: 84 sq feet

Great piece of Eichler history.



Anonymous WALLY FIELDS said...

(also posted in chatterbox)
I have indeed seen this home.. I've been there... I took video. Then LOST IT! I feel like a complete moron! This is the most wonderfull Eichler I've ever seen, simply because, in it's smallness, there's so much glass by ratio, it's so pure, such poetry.
The tenant at the time even invited me to sleep in the living room during the moonlight. I never did. That was REALLY stupid... Eichlers and moonlight. I must contact the owner... do you still have owner contact data?

1:00 AM  
Anonymous Ms. Atomic said...

The house that this mini Eichler is in, is for sale.

4:58 PM  

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