Tuesday, April 01, 2008

They come in threes

They come in threes.

Good things, or bad things. Things on the left. Things falling apart.

This week, one of the two light bulbs in the fixture above our bathroom sink went out. It was the left one.

This week, Mrs thisislarry noticed one of my Subaru's headlights was out. It was the left one.

Yesterday, I noticed a strange egg-shaped blur in my vision, and tried not to freak the fuck out. Got to the ophthalmologist, got some eye prodding and bright lights in my eye, and a diagnosis of a Central Serous Retinopathy. It was in my left eye, of course.

It could have been worse. I had my retina already threaten to slough off the inside of that eye. Got it tacked back in place a couple years ago. With a laser. Ouch. I was afraid this was the retina finally giving way, which would have been very bad news. CSR appears to be one of those things that just happen, and then just goes away on its own. Like a blister. In my freaking vision.

Today I got a replacement bulb for the car from Ole's. I'll put in in tonight, if I remember to.

Then I'll have to change the bulb in the bathroom fixture too, to make sure good things happen in threes.


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