Thursday, February 22, 2007

nonobject book and website

Branko Lukic, an extraordinary personality as well as a impressive IDEO alumni, once described my engineering skill as "strong, like a train." I can't say I live up to, but doesn't it sound great?

Branko emailed me to tell me that the book he has been thinking about for years is coming to life:

After almost 10 months of intense work (and 5 years in preparation) I am pleased to announce the first public preview of the nonobject Book.
To see the preview please go to:


(make sure you have the sound ON)

This is the first installment in series of 6 movies that will be released in sequence, prior to book launch in q3 2007.

Feel free to share and propagate the link. The nonobject Book was created to inspire and provoke.

I hope that you will enjoy!

Kind Regards,

branko Lukic

Cant wait to see the next five installments, go Branko go!

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