Friday, May 19, 2006

Teeth, Ballerinas, Arm Antics

Something for Daddytypes, Defective Yeti, and the Rice Daddies to look forward to:

My six year old just lost his first tooth today! His bottom front teeth have been loose forever, and the new teeth were so impatient, they decided to grow in without waiting for the baby teeth to fall out. So, our dentist suggested he keep wiggling the baby teeth, which he has been good about doing.

Finally this morning at the breakfast table with all of us there, he pulled out a tooth! Daddy is so proud. He's taken the tooth (in a nice large please-don't-lose-it ziploc baggie) to school today to show around. Mommy looked in his baby book and, yep, it was also his first tooth to grow in. What a beautiful serindipity.

It's been a Spring full of great child development milestones:

My daughter had her first dance recital last week (which I missed, sigh, but my wife got it on tape!) and then promptly told us she was done with dance class, because she has learned it all. She's also started spelling words on her own (confusing d-o-g with g-o-d, but who doesn't?) and recently showed her preschool teacher that she could write all of the alphabet, by herself, after not showing any interest in the subject.

My son told me recently "Daddy, I'm excited about going to first grade!" He's gotten into playing baseball and basketball in the backyard, and almost check-mated me in chess (OK, not THAT hard to do). Last but not least, my son has mastered the arm fart. He was so proud, he showed his teacher at swimming class, but that's another story.

photo: by aka Kath


Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I heart Ohio

Business travel. I guess I don't do enough of it to be jaded. My friend B. from work is on the cusp of a trip to the far east to do field research. About a month ago, she had a two week stint through the US and Europe.

For some reason, much of my business travel has been to Ohio. Not because of any one particular client, but several over the years. Cincinnati. Piqua. Canton. Cleveland.

Funny, my dad used to travel a lot to Dayton, and bring back souveniers from the Air Force Museum.

What is it about Ohio that has made it part of my lineage's blood?

And which hall of fame will my kids end up in: Rock & Roll? Or Football?

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Tag, You're It!

Diego Rodriguez over at metacool has been talking (and teaching) about creating infectious action. Yesterday, I saw some great grass roots infectious action at the kindergarten playground, this game called ... TAG, YOU'RE IT!

Everyone knows the simple rules, which makes it so infectious. You go up to a friend, tap them, and scream TAG, YOU'RE IT! Suddenly, they're compelled to chase you!

Once somebody sees a game of tag going on, they find their own friend to tag, and then suddenly there are a half dozen simultaneous games of tag swirling around you: pairs, trios, and gaggles of kids running around in intersecting vectors of action and reaction.

It's OK to get tagged, once or many times. It's OK to be IT for like four or five games simultaneously. Chase one friend, chase them all, its up to you! And don't worry if you don't catch that friend, they'll tag you again, if they're still interested.

It's even OK to suddenly forget about the whole thing, find a friend to hold hands and go searching for Hidden Treasures. Until one of you remembers, and then...


photo gleaned off flickr