Wednesday, April 25, 2007

No Pretty Boy

I really respect when a public figure goes out of their way to be simple and truthful. Steve Jobs' commencement speech two years ago at Stanford stands out in my mind. Roger Ebert, of the famous thumbs, says something true and simple and brave in explaining that he wont be missing his 9th annual Overlooked Film Festival even though he's battling complications from cancer:
"I have received a lot of advice that I should not attend the festival. I’m told that paparazzi will take unflattering pictures, people will be unkind, etc.

Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn. As a journalist I can take it as well as dish it out.

So when I turn up in Urbana, I will be wearing a gauze bandage around my neck, and my mouth will be seen to droop. So it goes.

"We spend too much time hiding illness. There is an assumption that I must always look the same. I hope to look better than I look now. But I’m not going to miss my festival."
Best of luck to him. Via 37signals and their Signal Vs. Noise blog

Monday, April 09, 2007

Seattle: Olympic Sculpture Park

above: Calder's Eagle

We were in Seattle over Easter weekend, visiting my brother R's family. He is the best host (a character trait his brother did not pick up) and somehow he knew I would enjoy going to see the Seattle Art Museum's recently opened Olympic Sculpture Park. Not only that, it was a searingly blue day, and warm like summer.

I got off a few decent snaps, but looking thru the rest of flickr I realize how much if an amateur I am...

The next day, we even went to see the Rem Koolhaas-designed central library !

Thanks R!

below: Princess Pony and the Serra sculpture

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


(Mrs. thisislarry, Twizzle, DISL, and Rabbit Dragon, in conference)


I had just written a stunning piece of prose about how cool it was to meet Daddy in a Strange Land, La Dra and the Pumpkin, the Super Ha's and Ash, Honglien123 J, Little Goose and Sweet Pea, Kimchi Mama Twizzle and Honeybee, and writing sensei Susan Ito at Yerba Buena gardens in The City, when my !@#$% Mac froze up and all I was left with was this bad run-on sentence, some pictures, and a great feeling of happiness that I got a chance to learn the secret identities of all these asian-american blogging superheroes I'd met on Rice Daddies over the last year.

So, instead, read all about it and see more pics at Superha's Speculations and The Lotus Life.

(the Superha's decide to walk down rather than fly)

Princess Pony and Little Goose goofing around like they didnt just meet an hour ago)

(Princess Pony and Little Goose on the run)

Mad props to DISL for setting this up, from Bakersfield no less.