Wednesday, November 22, 2006

on Hubwear

Been busy here in the thisislarry tower. Not even time to give proper comments to all the good posts on ricedaddies.

The project which took me travelling this summer has ended, and the new one begins next week, with a trip to Michigan, not Ohio.

Some good news to write about, for a friend of thisislarry's: Hubwear, the t-shirt line promoting storytelling thru airport codes, has gone both viral and global. Viral in that designer George Aye recounts how he spotted a hubwear shirt in the wild! And global in that Hubwear has been written up very keenly in Springwise, billed as "your daily fix of entrepreneurial ideas." See the Springwise write-up for an explanation of the teensie hubwear shirts shown above.

When I was in Chicago this summer, I of course had my hubwear tee with me, and George immediately recognized it as one of his earlier shirts. I have no idea how, so I guess I'll just have to get a few more and compare for myself....

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