Thursday, February 02, 2006

turning dreams into commerce.

photo by Canghuixu

It is truly amazing how easy the long tail of the web has made it to turn one's beautiful dreams into reality -and commerce opportunities.

For instance fans of Canghuixu's Rothko-esque photography can purchase prints of his work through smugmug.

One can purchase, thru zazzle, t-shirts adorned with the scientific musings of my son or the royal aspirations of my daughter.

If you and your sister have always wanted to design hip bags like the pair at Freddy&Ma, the web will help you build a beautiful buzz (but only your boyfriend can get your business cards in the hands of celebrities).

And, if you are 8 years old and your dad is a successful venture capitalist who contributes to VentureBlog, maybe you just up and start your own skateboard brand with dad's help:

" We tried to buy but to no avail. It was already taken. So he had to settle for Through the wonders of modern domain hosting, I was able to nearly instantly redirect to my son's new Ollie King home page on typepad. Unfortunately for my budding entrepreneur, at that point I had to go take his brother to theater practice, so I left my eight year old tweaking his web site. But when I got home I found him on Cafepress making t-shirts and hats.... "