Wednesday, December 24, 2008

taking pictures

photo via larryncelia on Flickr

I just found out the other day that this photo from Flickr was used in a post on BoingBoing, following a post on a site called Neatorama about the Shanghai Urban Planning Museum. These links caused that photo to become my 3rd most popular (which isn't saying much) over the summer, and I had no idea why until I discovered the stats page on Flickr.

It's cool to have one of my photos be part of the whole web 2.0 experience, and I realized I also have other Flickr photos being used elsewhere on the web: one at an Apartment Therapy spinoff called the Kitchn and a couple at one time on Schmap. Considering how easily I pull photos off Flickr when I need something for RiceDaddies, it would be no surprise to learn that everyone posting photos online has had one used somewhere else on the web (even those of us who don't have compromising photos on myspace).


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